New Pet Store - Opening June, 2014

Posted by on 6/4/2014 to Shoppe Updates

Since February of 2012 we have successfully sold cat exercise wheels and dog treadmills. This year we added the CatWheel by CatsWall and the Dog Tread Dog Treadmill. Last year we added the dogPacer Dog Treadmill. In the time will have sold and worked with almost 150 very happy and lover cat and dogs owners. We wanted the opportunity to provide them, as wall as, new visitors and buyers with variety of Elegant and Quality products for the favorite familar. Taking into consideration they quality of our clientele we are only going to offer them the best as always.

The new pet store hosted on The Cat Wheel Shoppe will feature Cat Condos, Dog House, Pet Beds, Car Accessories, Travel Gear, etc. from Cat Crib, K & H Mfg, New Age Pet, Richell, Refined Feline & Canine, Pet Dek, Pet Gear, West Paw Designs and more. We are will be adding several annex stores that will be hosted on the New Pet Wheel website. These annexs will provide a variety of products from realible online store such as Amazon, Clickbank, and quality third party vendors. The Pet Wheel will also provide valuable articles on pet health, wellness, and care.

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