About Us

The Cat Wheel was created February of 2012. The idea behind the cat wheel web store was to feature exercise products to help cats (and now dogs) lose weight, stay healthy, and burn excess energy (especially in active breeds like Bengals & Savannahs). We are currently an online leader in sales of cat wheels and cat exercise products.


We dedicate thecatwheel.com to our loving cat Master Bubbins. Mr. Bubbins is a Domestic Red Tabby that was born in 1997. Mr. Bubbins started to gain weight (he ballooned to 16.5 lbs.) due to overeating and less activity in his life in the mid 2000’s. His veterinarian recommended changes to his diet, smaller portions, timed feedings, and more exercise.

Well changing the food, smaller portions, and timed feedings were not a problem. The extra activity was a huge problem. We tried laser lights, fancy automated toys, feathers, and anything you can think. But he like most cat are very lazy. We scoured the World Wide Web for cat treadmills and we did not find one. So, we did what we could and he lost some weight but not to where the vet thought he was at a healthy size.

In January of 2012, we viewed an episode of My Cat from Hell that featured City the Kitty and the Toy-go-Round Cat Wheel. We were convinced that was the answer for Mr. Bubbins and his weight problems. He now weighs about 10 lbs. down from 16 lbs. That was the beginning of The Cat Wheel Shoppe. It is our way to share exercise and fitness for cats and dogs with everyone.

Our History

February 2012

We started with just One (1) Wheel. It was called the Toy-go-Round made by the Cat Wheel Co. (made in China).  It was a 43” black wheel was molded out of recycled industrial plastic and was seated on a steel frame. It operated using a ball bearing system. The wheel was featured on Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell” with Jackson Galaxy in 2012 and NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2013.

The Toy-G-Round Cat Wheel has now been discontinued and the company is now the Pet Wheel Co. They of course make the new 48” Pet Wheel. The idea for the name change was to broaden appeal to other pet owners of dogs, and small animals under 25 lbs.

March 2013

We found the TreadWheel and PetRun Dog Treadmills by GoPet, USA (made in the USA). The TreadWheel has 3 sizes of pet exercise wheels that can be used by dogs or cats. The small wheel is the most popular for individuals looking at space constraints or for a budget friendly option. The medium (discontinued) and large wheels are designed for use with multiple cats and medium to large dogs.

The PetRun (made in the USA) are programmable dog treadmills. Although, we had a cat owner purchase one for his three cats and they love it.

December, 2013

The new Pet Wheel was added after several months (from July, 2013 to December, 2013) of animal testing. The tests were conducted by the Pet Wheel Co. in conjunction with various local kennels and shelters in Southern California.

dogPacer dog treadmills (made in the USA) were added at this time as well. Two (2) programmable units, the Mini for small dogs and the LF 3.1 for large dogs.

February, 2014

We added the CatWheel by CatsWall (made in Taiwan). This is a beautiful (white exercise wheel that can accommodate up to three (3) cats with a maximum weigh capacity of 33 lbs. The CatWheel is handmade & hand painted (non-toxic, pet friendly paint) and it uses a unique caster system and not ball bearings. The casters are in the base and it wheel is seated on top.

June, 2014

Dog Tread dog treadmills are added to the shoppe. They offer three (3) wonderful programmable exercise treadmills for dogs.

The Pet Shoppe is where we will sell hundreds of upscale pet products for cats, dogs, and other small animals: items for comfort, exercise, relaxation, and travel. We also will annex stores (The Pet Wheel) with pet products that will be fulfilled by various third part vendors including Amazon. These products will include: Books, Magazines, Food, Toys, Treats, etc.

Contact Us

The Cat Wheel is an online pet shoppe based in Sunny San Diego, California. We can be reached Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Coast Time via telephone (800-676-0113 ext. 601), eMail (customercare.team@thecatwheel.com), or Live Chat (via tab at the bottom right of every page).

All products are shipped direct from the distributor, import, or manufacturer to our customers with the 48 Continental United States. Buyers that require shipment to Alaska, Hawaii, US Protectoraties, or International Destination please use MyUS.com Freight Forwarding service. Please remember all warranties are maintained and serviced by the manufacturer here in the Continental USA.

This page can be changed and/or updated at anytime without notice. If you have any question or require any further assistance, then please contact us.

Date Created: February, 2012
Last Updated: May 30, 2014